Jewelry making basics — how to make a wire wrapped loop

If you want to learn wire wrapping, making a loop is probably the first thing you should try.

The loop serves as a connection in your jewelry. You can add a bead, a chain, or even another loop to it.

Generally speaking, you can make two types of loops — the simple loop and the wire-wrapped loop. The differences between the two are obvious by looking at the picture below.

simple loop and wire wrapped loop

The wire wrapped loop has a secured bottom, which prevent it from opening. Due to its durability, I almost always choose to use the wire wrapped loop over the simple loop.

Therefore, in this post, I will show you how to make a wire wrapped loop and use it to connect beads.

 Step 1: Make a wire wrapped loop

Using a chain nose plier, bend the wire (I used 28 gauge wire here) to an L shape (Picture 1). Wrap the wire around the round nose plier to form a small circle (Picture 2). Holding the circle using the chain nose plier, wrap the additional wire by hand at the bottom of the circle (picture 3 and picture 4). After wrapping two or three times, cut the additional wire using a wire cutter (picture 5).

Now your wire wrapped loop is completed.

Step 2:  Add a bead to the wire wrapped loop

Add a bead to the wire wrapped loop (picture 7). At the other end of the bead, repeat the process in step 1 to make another loop (picture 8-12). Now you get a bead that has wire wrapped loop at both ends.

Step 3: Connect to another bead

Bend a new piece of wire to an L shape using chain nose plier.  Then wrap the wire through a round nose plier to form a small circle. Before you close it, link it with the previous loop we made in step 2 (picture 13). Now you can close the loop by wrapping the wire at the bottom (picture 14).

Add another bead (picture 15). Then create another wire wrapped loop at the end.

Now you have two beads linked together through wire wrapped loops (picture 16). You can continue adding more beads to it following the same process. In fact, you can create a bracelet or necklace using only this technique.

Wire wrapped loop is probably the single most important technique in the wire wrapping realm. Make sure you nail this one!

Reference: The tools needed

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