Rock on — How to make a skull and roses necklace

Skull and roses necklace

I have long been intrigued by the mysterious feeling of skull and roses, but never had a chance to incorporate it into my jewelry design. Luckily, Solid Oak Inc — a US based jewelry supply company recently sent me a few products to review. And in there, I found a beautiful skull charm decorated with shining rhinestones. Viola!  I know exactly how to use it!

Please notice I don’t receive any compensation for this product review. It’s simply a fun jewelry projects that I enjoy.

Material (picture 1)

  • Fimo Soft clay- cherry red
  • Super glue

Step 1. (Picture 2-3)

Attach the skull to the center of the silver plate using super glue. Then apply liquid clay to the entire open space.

Step 2 (picture 4-6)

Make the polymer clay roses. The picture is very self-explainatory. If you prefer to give the rose petal a slightly curved look (as shown in picture 6), you can use your finger to gentally touch the edges of the petal.

You’ll probably need 12-15 roses to cover the space.

If you are not familiar with rose making, check out my post rose love letter necklace. It has very detailed instruction on how to make polymer clay roses.

Step 3 (picture 7)

Cut the roses from the wire using a craft knife. Try to keep the rose bottom as flat as possible.

Now it’s time to arrange those roses onto the plate. I find a small scissor is a perfect tool for moving those tiny roses around and nudging them into the right place.

There might be some empty narrow spaces left at the end. You can make some smaller roses with only two layers of petals to cover them.

Step 4 (picture 8)

Bake the finished piece in the oven at 110C (230F) for 30 minutes.

Attach the silver chain to the skull charm. Now you have a super cool skull and roses necklace to show off! Make sure to match it with red lips and smokey eyes!


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