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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is my ordering status?

You can check your order status in a few ways:
  1. Use the chat bubble in our website. Click"what's my order status?"; then enter your email address and order number. You will be directed to a page with tracking code, click it to see where your package is at.
  2. Check your email. Once the order has been shipped, you will receive an email notification. The tracking codes are included in the email and you can track your package at any time through your local post office website or various tracking website such as Please provide the often used email address when ordering. Thank you! 
  3. If you prefer to receive the order status by phone, you can leave your phone number when ordering. We'll send you the tracking code by SMS.
  • What are the shipping options?

We provide three options.

1. Free shipping without tracking, no minimum order amount required.

2. $3-$7 premium shipping with tracking, depends on your location. 

3. Free Premium shipping with tracking for any order over $100.

  • When will I receive my order?

The products will generally arrive in 15-45 days. If you use premium tracking, after ordering you will receive the tracking number (either by SMS or email based on your preference) which can be tracked through your post office website and various tracking website such as


  • Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

          Yes we do! We ship to the following countries listed below (from A to Z).
1 Australia 22
2 Austria 23 Malaysia
24 Malta
25 Mexico
26 Netherlands
6 Denmark 27 New Zealand
7 Finland 28 Norway
8 France 29 Poland
9 Germany 30 Portugal
Greece 31 Russia
11 Hong Kong 32 Saudi Arabia
12 Hungary 33 Singapore
13 Indonesia 34 Spain
14 Ireland 35 Sweden
15 Israel 36 Switzerland
16 Italy 37 Thailand
17 Japan 38
18 Kazakhstan 39
United Kingdom
19 Korea 40
United States
20 Latvia 41


  • What is the return and refund Policy?

If you haven't received your products after 60 days. We will provide the full refund. 

If you received your item within 60 days, we only accept return when the item meets one of the following criteria.
    • Defective
    • Broken
    • Doesn’t match the description

Please provide us a clear photo as proof and we will happily send you a replacement or refund based on your need. You can contact us via email for the return and refund issues.

Please note the PDF tutorials are not eligible for return and refund.


  • What are the international taxes, duties, etc. that I have to pay?

It is the customer's duty to pay any taxes, duties occurred in custom.  However, since the product value is low, it generally is under the import tax threshold.


  • How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?

You can email us via (respond within 24 hours)