Mixing color for polymer clay — the easiest way that will surprise you!

You might think mixing color for polymer clay is a no brainer that everyone knows how to do. But the truth is, when you are hand mixing pieces of rock hard clay for hours; and end up with a piece that covered with finger smudges. You must wonder if there is a better way to do it.

Now let me show you a completely new way that’s quick, easy and free of any smudges!

step 1.

Break the polymer clay into small pieces by hand and put them on plastic wrap. Remember to keep the clay piece SMALL, as shown in picture 1.

Step 2.

Close the wrap and put the whole thing through a pasta roller (or a clay roller) using the thickest setting (picture 2 and 3).

Open the wrap and fold the clay mess. Then close the wrap and go through the roller again.

After 5-6 times doing so, your polymer clay will become much more malleable. Adjust the roller to a thinner setting. And repeat the process again for 10-15 times (Picture 4-7).

Within 5 minutes, you will get your clay that’s clean and even colored. You don’t need a finger workout. And the final product is definitely free of any smudges!

Step 3

After you got the colored clay, don’t shape it into a ball like you usually do! Keep it flat and wrap it with a new piece of plastic wrap. You can keep all your polymer clay this way in a drawer and use them whenever you want (Picture 8-9).

Bonus trick No.1

Always remember to weigh your clay using a jewelry scale before mixing color. This way you will have a color recipe at the end. Without an accurate recipe, you will NEVER be able to re-create the color you got last time.

Bonus trick No.2

Why don’t form the clay into a ball? Because you want to keep the clay even thickness. This way it’s easy for you to divide the clay into smaller pieces. Read my post rose love letter necklace for more detail. I have an awesome trick there for you about dividing the polymer clay.


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