Magenta craze — how to make red spinel beaded earrings with clay roses

how to make magenta beaded earrings

Magenta is one of my favorite colors! I love it so much that I always buy magenta beads without thinking through how to use them. Today I finally come up with a beaded earrings design to show case magenta. I am excited to share it with you guys!

(Please notice the post contains products affiliate links. All the products I recommended are used by myself as well.)

Materials needed:

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Step 1 (picture 2-8)

Using brick stitch, attach the red spinel beads to the inner circle of the metal ring. Make sure each new layer is 5 or 6 beads less than the previous layer. This way the beads will form a natural moon shape. After finishing beading, use the thread and crimp bead to attach the ear hook as shown in picture 7 and 8.Don’t forget to cover the crimp bead using crimp bead cover to give the piece a more professional look.

If you are not familiar with brick stitch, please read my post rainbow color necklace . It shows you everything you need to know about brick stitch, you will pick up this fundamental beading technique in no time.

You can stop at this point and enjoy a pair of beautiful beaded earrings. However, as a polymer clay miniac, I have to add a little clay twist to the design!

Step 2 (picture 9)

Cut polymer clay into a leaf shape. Make sure the leaf shape curve the same way as the metal ring. Bake the clay at 230F for 20 minutes.

Wonder how to get beautiful magenta colored clay? Combine 3 parts Fimo soft raspberry , 1 part Violet, and half part Cherry red together.

Step 3 (picture 10-13)

Now it’s time to prepare the rose petal and asemble them as shown in picture 10 and 11. Then attach the roses to the leaf shape using liquid clay and bake them together at 230F for 30minutes (picture 12 and 13).

If you are new to clay rose making, check out my post love letter necklace. It has very detailed instruction about how to make roses with lots of helpful tips.

Step 4(picture 14)

Attach the rose plate to the metal ring using super glue. Give at least 24 hours to let glue dry completely.

Now your magenta craze earrings are completed! They are dazzling and chic, a perfect pair for a hot summer day!

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