How to Make Polymer Clay Halloween Bracelet

Although Halloween is still a month away, there has been a lot of cute and funny Halloween jewelries posted online. I am amazed by the creativities of my fellow crafters and decided to join the party. This bracelet is inspired by Halloween doodle drawings. Although there are many characters included in the design, the bracelet is very easy to make.

In the tutorial, I will show you how to make each Halloween character, how to use them to design a polymer clay slab, and how to use the slab to make a bracelet.

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If you’ve read my other tutorials, you know I am obsessed with polymer clay measurement. In this design, all the polymer clay is rolled into 1mm thickness and cut using No. 10 Wilton cake decorating tip. The accurate measurement is crucial to the final success.

Step 1. How to Make Polymer Clay Halloween Pumpkin

Polymer clay used:

Step 2. How to Make Polymer Clay Halloween Mummy

Polymer clay used:

Polymer Clay used in this project

Step 3. How to Make Polymer Clay Halloween Ghost

Polymer clay used: Fimo Soft White

Tools and other accessories needed for this project

Step 4. How to Make Polymer Clay Halloween Tombstone

Polymer clay used: Fimo Effect Granite

Step 5. How to Make Polymer Clay Halloween Candy

Polymer clay used:

Step 6. How to Make Polymer Clay Halloween Skull

Polymer clay used: Fimo Soft White

Step 7. How to Make the Halloween Bracelet

To fill a black polymer clay square (2.2inch/5.8cm*2.2inch/5.8cm) as shown in picture 2, you need to make 6 copies for each main character. Since the tombstone and candy are relatively small, you can make 10 of them each.

As shown in picture 4, I used two different size silver frames — 20mm and 14mm. I alternated the two in the bracelet design.

You can also use those cute squares to create earrings or even hair pins. Just don’t forget to punch holes on them before baking! I used No.1 Wilton cake piping tip for the task.

Here are the complete step-by-step picture instructions for your reference.

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