Jewelry making basics 8– two earring designs using circular brick stitch

Most of my jewelry making tutorials are about wire wrapping. However today I want to dive into a different yet fascinating topic — beading. For today’s tutorial, I am going to show you two earring designs using the circular brick stitch.

In the first project, I will explain how to make the basic circular brick stitch. In the second project, I will use the same technique to create a more complicated pattern. If you are a beginner, start with the first project. If you already have the basic knowledge, jump right into the second one.

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Material needed (both earrings use the same material)

  1. Bead Thread
  2. Beading Needle
  3. Miyuki Delica Beads – Opaque Matte Rainbow Grey (1.6*1.3mm)
  4. Miyuki Delica Beads – Opaque Matte Dark Topaz (1.6*1.3mm)
  5. Miyuki Seed Beads- Galvanized Silver (1.5*2mm)
  6. Faceted Round Terahertz Beads (4mm)
  7. Faceted Round Moonstone Beads (3mm)
  8. Gold Plated Circle (20mm)
  9. Gold Crimp Bead (2mm)
  10. Earwires of your choice

Design 1. Basic Circular beaded earrings

Step 1. understanding circular brick stitch

To make these earrings, all you need to know is the circular brick stitch. Although the design has four layers of beads, they are all attached using the same technique.

Since it’s difficult to explain a stitch technique using words. I created the step-by-step pictures, as well as a short video, to explain the circular brick stitch. (In the video I used larger beads for a clearer view.)

Step 2. making second, third and fourth layer

how to make circular brick stitch earrings

Once you master the first layer, you can move onto the next few layers using the same approach. Instead of wrapping around the metal circle to secure the beads as we did in the first row, for the later rows, we’ll need to wrap around the exposed thread of the first row to tighten the beads (see picture 3 below).

Another area you need to pay attention to is how to attach the earring hook to the earring . Once you finish beading, slide a crimp bead through the thread and connect an earring hook at the end (see picture 8 below). Then wrap the thread a few times to secure the earwire.

To finish the earring, weave the extra wire through several beads and cut the extra.

Products used in this project

Design 2. Scallop Pattern Beaded Earrings

Once you mastered the circular brick stitch, you can use it to create more complicated patterns, such as these scallop shaped earrings above. Now let me show you how.

Step 1. Making the first and second layer

As you can see in the pictures above, The first and second layer of this earring is very similar to design No.1. Notice however, the second layer of beads only cover about half of the circle. To create the base of the scallop shape, after every four silver seed beads, we add a 4mm Terahertz bead in the middle.

Step 2. making the scallop pattern

After completing row 2, we can start to make the scallop pattern. The pictures above are self-explanatory. Notice this is essentially still a brick stitch, but instead of adding one bead at a time, it adds three. Each set of beads include one silver bead and two dark topaz beads. Each scallop contains 8 sets of beads, 4 on each side.

In addition, I also used 4 moonstone beads in this project. Two on the sides and the other two are used to separate the scallops.

For your reference, here are the step-by-step pictures for the two designs.

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