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Basic Wire Wrapping -- How To Wire Wrap A Gemstone Without Holes

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Hi guys, today I want to share with you a very basic wire wrapping skill -- how to wire wrap a gemstone without holes.

Before jumping into the tutorial, I want to emphasis the key to this technique is creating a frame using the jewelry wire to securely "hold" the gemstone. The types of the gemstone ( I used briolette here) and the embellishments are not that important. Once you learn the basic technique, you can use the material you have on hand and design the pendants creatively.


Material Needed for This Project:

  • 22/24 gauge gold filled Wire for framing 
  • 30 gauge gold filled Wire for securing the frame
  • Gemstone of your choice
  • Seed beads of your choice

    If you don't like watching the video, please follow this step-by-step picture instructions.



    Product Used In This Project

    • 20-30 gauge (0.25--0.8mm) Half Hard 14k Gold Filled Wire
      20-30 gauge (0.25--0.8mm) Half Hard 14k Gold Filled Wire
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