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Jewelry Making Basics 3 – How to make a wire wrapped ring

Today I am going to show you guys how to make a simple wire wrapped ring. You can create so many different jewelry projects with this technique. Using longer wires, you can get a bangle. Adding a gemstone, you can get a beautiful ring. As a polymer clay hobbyist, I chose to add a metal plate to the ring to serve as a base for my polymer clay flowers.

Material needed:

  • 26-gauge soft wire (I use 30cm for each ring)
  • 10mm round metal plate with two holes
  • Ring Mandrel
  • Chain nose plier
  • Wire cutter 

Bend the wire to a U shape. Then put the two ends of the wire through the metal plate holes (picture 1-2). If you are using a bead, simply put the wire through the hole.

To tighten the metal plate further, wrap the wire through the hole one more time for both ends (picture 3-6).

Now you can wrap the wire around a ring mandrel 3-4 times and take it out of the mandrel (picture 7-9). Hold all the wire together using a flat nose plier; then bend both ends of the wire perpendicular to the ring (picture 10-11).

Wrap the wire tightly around the ring (picture 12). Trim any excess wire off using a wire cutter (picture 13).

Now you have it -- a simple wire wrapped ring. Create your own version using this technique! I am looking forward to seeing your design!

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