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How to Make Wire Wrapped Earrings with Coils

Hi my crafting friends! Today I have another wire wrapping tutorial to share with you guys. In this project, we'll use fresh water pearls, briolette gem and wire coils to create a pair of elegant vintage earrings. This is a great starting point to learn how to use wire coils in a jewelry design. Now let's get started!

Materials Needed (click to get the product)

  1. 20cm(8inch) 22-gauge gold filled wire (for the earring frame)
  2. 50cm(20inch) 26 or 28-gauge gold filled wire (for the coils)
  3. 40cm(16inch) 28-gauge gold filled wire (for wrapping)
  4. 18 3.5mm fresh water pearls (9 for each earring)
  5. 2 briolette gem stones
  6. 24 2mm gold seed beads (12 for each earring)
  7. 4cm gold filled chain (divide to 4 pieces)
  8. a pair of earring hooks (learn how to DIY them here)

      Step 1. Make the Earring Frame

      Step 2. Make the Wire Coil

      Step 3. Assemble the Earrings

      As always, I prepared for you a complete step-by-step picture instruction for your reference. If you like this tutorial, please don't hesitate to pin the image and share the project with more friends. Thank you!

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