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How to Make Wire Wrapped Pearl Earrings


wire wrapped pearl earrings tutorial

In today's tutorial, I want to show you how to make a pair of simple wire wrapped pearl earrings for everyday look. Unlike traditional design where beads are usually wrapped around the wire frame, this earring uses several horizontal wires to secure both the frame and the beads. Now let me show you how.  

Material Needed for this project

Tools Needed for this project

    Step 1. How to Create The Hoop Earring Frame

    The wire wrapped earring frame is quite standard and easy to make. If you want to learn different ways to make the earring frame, check out my previous post how to make wire wrapped hoop earrings

    how to make hoop earring frame

      Step 2. How To Attach The Beads

      As I mentioned before, the uniqueness of this design is that the beads are not wrapped directly against the earring frame. To secure the beads, create another wire loop as picture 7. Then attach a string of beads to this loop as shown in picture 9.

      Carefully attach this second loop (along with the beads) to the earring frame as shown in picture 10. Make sure the two circles are parallel to each other.

      The key point here is the second loop must be the same size as the earring frame. In addition, before you make the two bends as shown in picture 7, you should measure against the earring frame to mark where to make the bends.

      how to make the wire wrapped pearl earrings

        Step 3. How To Secure The Earrings

        Now it's time to secure the whole earring. As you can see in the pictures below, I attached one pieces of 20-gauge wire between every two beads.  

        This step needs a little patience since the small thick wires are not very flexible. My approach is:

        • Step 1: Bend one end first using a chain nose plier, then insert it between the beads.
        • Step 2: Mark where to bend the other end using a black marker; then take the wire out and make the bend.
        • Step 3: Put the wire back between the beads and secure the both side using a chain nose plier.

        how to make wire wrapped pearl earrings

        Now the earrings are complete! If you like today’s tutorial, please share it with your friends by pining the complete picture guide below. Thank you!

        how to make wire wrapped pearl earrings

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