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How to Make Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant

heart shape wire wrapped pendant

It’s been a long time since I last updated my blog. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my daughter’s kindergarten has been closed for a long time. It is very challenging to write a post or film a video while tending a four-year-old full-time.

How are you guys doing? I hope everyone stays healthy and positive. Today I want to show you guys how to make a wire wrapped “love” pendant. After all, love is what gives us strength in this difficult time. If you are currently under home quarantine, I hope this DIY project can bring you some joy.

Material and Tools Needed:

  • 20-gauge gold filled jewelry wire
  • 30-gauge gold filled jewelry wire
  • 6mm zircon bead
  • Round nose plier
  • Chain nose plier
  • Electric file
  • Wire cutter
  • Mini mandrels
  • Ring mandrel
  • Jewelry hammer and bench block (optional)

Step 1. Print the design 

Before making the pendant, we need to print/draw the design template. You can download the template here.

Step 2. Create the heart shape

Take a piece of 20-gauge wire, then create a sharp corner in the middle using a round nose plier. Next, curve the wire slightly using your finger to match the paper template as shown in picture 2. Now the bottom of the heart is complete.

For the top part of the heart, we can create two large loops using a ring mandrel (picture 3-6). Gently adjust the wire to make sure it matches the paper template.

Step 3. Make the Wire-Wrapped Letters

Once the heart shape is complete, we can start making the word “love”. Since the word is relatively small, you don’t need to match the paper template exactly. For the large curls, we can use a mini mandrel; for the small curls, use a round nose plier. Remember to create a cursive handwriting style and avoid using the tools that will create a sharp corner (such as a chain nose plier or flat nose plier).

When the word is complete, wrap the tail of the letter “e” around the heart frame as shown in picture 12. 

Step 4. Add the final touches

Slide a zircon bead through the left side of the pendant. Then close the left side by wrapping the wire around the frame (picture 14).

If you want to make the pendant to hold its shape better, you can hammer the heart shape as shown in picture 15.

Finally, we need to create a loop at the top of the pendant so it can attach to a necklace chain or ear wire. Take a piece of 30-gauge wire, secure the two wires in the middle as shown in picture 16. Then wrap the wire several times around the heart frame. To create the loop, place a mini mandrel next to the frame and wrap the mandrel and frame together using the 30-gauge wire (picture 18). 

Now our wire-wrapped heart pendant is complete. You can wear it as a necklace pendant or a statement earring.

Hope you love today’s tutorial. Again, keep healthy and safe out there. Best wishes to everyone!




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  • I’ve just followed several of your earring wire wrap tutorials. I had to message you to say thankyou for the easy step by step directions with precise pictures. You made the impossible possible for me. Love your beautiful work. I am following you and looking forward to making many more projects guided by you. .

    Kim Hungrige

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