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How to make polymer clay ranunculus flower necklace

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Today I am going to show you how to make a colorful polymer clay ranunculus necklace that is simple, colorful and delicate.

Material needed (Picture 1 and 2) :

  • Fimo effect polymer clay granite No. 801
  • Fimo soft polymer clay emerald No.56, apple green No.50, lemon No.10, tangerine No.42, white No.0, raspberry No.22
  • 1.2mm gold filled chain 17inch(43cm)
  • One 5mm gold-filled clasp
  • Four 4mm gold-filled open jump rings
  • 22 gauge half hard wire 6inch (15cm)

Step 1.Making the faux granite container (Picture 3 and 4)

Using No.10 Wilton round tip, cut Fimo Effect granite polymer clay into four circles. Then take a long blade to cut a long strip about 2mm wide. Wrap the strip around the circle and smooth the seam as hown below. Be really gentle during the shaping process. They are not real granite after all!

When the four containers are ready, arrange them as shown below. Cut 6 inch of 22 gauge half hard wire and embed them into the polymer clay. You can use a ball tool for this task. Always remember to apply gentle pressure, you don't want to squeeze those cute containers out of shape.

Since we need to put flowers into them later, it is a good idea to partially bake the containers now for some strength. Put the whole thing (wire included) into the oven at 110c/230F for 20 minutes.


Step 2. making polymer clay ranunculus flower (Picture 5-7)

While the containers are in the oven, you can proceed to make polymer clay ranunculus. The flower has four layers. The number and size of the petal for each layer are listed in the table below.

Gently cup the petal using the ball tool on a foam pad. If you don't have a foam pad, you can use the palm of your hand. Just find out the most elastic area to put your petals on!

Now the fun part... we are going to put the flower together! Place the petal in a spiral around the center. Make sure the last petal sits partially underneath the first petal. You don't need any glue as the raw polymer clay will adhere to each other naturally.

Want to learn how to make roses? Check out my other post rose love letter necklace. It shows you in great detail how to make a polymer clay rose.

Step 3. Baking the polymer clay (Picture 8-9)

Using a toothpick, generously apply the liquid polymer clay into the container. Make sure you cover all the small corners, especially around the wire.

Place polymer clay ranunculus you just made into the container. Use your finger to adjust the position very lightly.

Put the whole piece into the oven again at 110C/230F for 30 minutes.


Step 4. Assembling the necklace (Picture 10-12)

After the piece is thoroughly baked, we can make a wire wrapped loop at both ends using a round nose plier. If you don' t know how to make those loops, check out my video in the front of the article.

You can attach the necklace and finish the project at this point. Or, you can choose to add a little more detail just like what I did here.

Cut 8inch(21cm) of gold filled chain using a wire cutter. Then further divide the chain into three pieces in three different lengths (preferably 5cm, 7cm and 9cm). Attach two jump rings at both ends and then add the embellishment beneath the ranunculus flowers.

At last, you can attach the necklaces to both ends of the flower pendant. I used 8.5inch chain on each side. This length allows the flowers to sit a little bit underneath the collarbone.

So here you have it, a colorful, simple and elegant ranunculus necklace-- a beautiful piece for an everyday look.


If you love to make polymer clay jewelry. I have other great in-depth tutorials written for you! Check it out in my shop! 

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