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mini cuties — how to make polymer clay succulent and pearl earrings

I love succulents, especially small colorful ones with chubby leaves! Today, I am trying to use polymer clay to create one of those varieties (botanical name Sedum Clavatum). And match them with large pink pearls for a simple and adorable earring design.

Material needed:
  • polymer clay - light green and light yellow
  • gold plated earring posts
  • Two 8mm plate with one hole
  • Two 8mm pearls
  • 26 gauge jewelry wire

    Step 1. Cut out polymer clay circles (picture 2)

    Using a pasta roller, or clay roller, roll polymer clay to a 1mm thick flat sheet. Using a Wilton Number 7 round piping tip to cut circles (4mm in diameter). Therefore, a circle is 4mm in diameter and 1mm in thickness.

    Using this approach, you can accurately control the size of succulent leaves and take all the guesswork out of the process.

    Step 2. Prepare the succulent leaves (picture 3)

    Center: 1/8 of a circle

    1st Layer: 1/8 of a circle +1/4 of a circle +1/4 of a circle

    2nd Layer: 1/2 of a circle + 1/2 of a circle + 3/4 of a circle

    3rd Layer: 3/4 of a circle +3/4 of a circle

    4th Layer: 1 3/4 of a circle *5

    Use light green for the center and first layer. Use light yellow for the rest.

    Step 3. Shape the succulent leaves (picture 6-10)

    The pictures are pretty self-explanatory. Just remember to keep the leaves thick and round to emphasize their cuteness.

    Step 4. Assemble the succulent leaves (picture 4, 5 and 11-18)

    You only need apply a small dab of liquid clay to the wire to make sure the succulent center will stay in place (picture 4 and 5). There is no need to apply additional liquid clay while attaching the leaves.

    After completing the polymer clay succulent , bake it in the oven at 110C (230F) for 30 minutes.

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    Step 5. Make pearl earrings (picture 19-32)

    Now it's time for some jewelry making. You can use a ball pin to connect the pearls. But since I don't have any at this moment, I created a simple ball pin using 26 gauge wire (picture 19-23).

    Using the other end of the wire, create an open loop to connect the gold plate. Then wrap the wire twice to close the loop and cut extra (picture 26-30). If you are not familiar with the wire wrapped loop, read this post.

    Apply E6000 glue to the earring post and attach it to the plate (picture 31-32). Allow it to dry for at least 4 hours.

    Once the earring post dries, apply a small dab of E6000 glue to the plate and attach the baked succulent. Allow it to dry for another 4 hours.

    Now you have a pair of cute and simple polymer clay succulent earrings.  They look so adorable so I  created another two colors!


    If you love polymer clay succulent, I have another great in-depth tutorial for you! Check it out in our shop.

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