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Simple and sweet – how to make white lilac polymer clay earrings

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If you love polymer clay earrings but was intimated by the complicated flowers you need to make, today I have just the right project for you!

Lilac is a simple small flower with only four petals. We are going to create it in polymer clay and use it to make pearl earrings.



  • white polymer clay (50% Fimo soft white +50% Fimo Effect Translucent)
  • Fimo Soft Lemon polymer clay
  • Two 8mm pearls
  • Two earring posts
  • Two headpins
  • Six gold seed beads and 28-gauge wire (optional)

Step 1.  Make lilac flowers (picture 2-6)

Using a pasta roller, or clay roller, roll polymer clay into a 1mm thick flat sheet. Using a Wilton Number 7 round piping tip to cut circles (4mm in diameter). Therefore, a circle is 4mm in diameter and 1mm in thickness (picture 2).

This approach can accurately control the size of the flower and take all the guesswork out of the process.

Take a polymer clay circle and form it into a cone. Poke a large hole at the bottom of the cone using a modeling stick (picture 3).

Using a small scissor, evenly divide the polymer clay cone into 4 parts as shown in picture 4. You can see a rough flower shape has formed.

Press the square corners to round them using your finger, or a stick tool with round end (picture 5). Then flatten the petals while gently pulling them outwards.

After making the flower, poke a deep hole in the center using a sharp needle tool (picture 6). This is where a flower center will be placed.


Step 2. Make lilac flower centers (picture 7-10)

In order to cut out tiny lilac centers, we need to roll yellow polymer clay really thin (about 0.3mm) and use a piping tip with very small opening (I chose Wilton No.1 round piping tip). If you don't have the gadgets; simply take a tiny bit of clay by hand.

Dab a piece of metal wire in liquid clay (picture 8) and use it to attach the yellow polymer clay (picture 9).

Put the flower center through the hole and squeeze the bottom of the flower. Rotate the flower bottom while pushing it upwards to take out the wire (picture 10).

Make at least 12 lilac flowers so we can arrange them onto the earrings later.


Step 3. Make lilac flower buds (picture 11-12)

Lilac flower buds will serve as filler flowers. They are super simple to make!

Shape half of a circle into a cone shape. Then divide it into four equal parts using a small scissor (picture 11). Gently gather the four parts together and touch the tips of buds to round them. Make at least 20 buds for future use.

Now you have both your lilac flowers and buds ready. Let's start making earrings!

Step 4. prepare the earrings

Put a head pin through the pearl. Wrap the other end of the wire into a coil (picture 13 and 14). Attach the coil to an earring post using super glue (picture 15).

After the glue dries (it will take at least 6 hours), cover the earring post with polymer clay and apply a coat of liquid clay on the surface (picture 16 and 17). This will serve as a base to glue all the flowers together.


Step 5. Arrange the flowers

Carefully arrange the lilac flowers and buds to cover the base (picture 18 and 19). There shouldn't be any visible empty spaces left.

To give the flower bouquet a little shine, I also added a few gold seed beads. This is an optional step; you can follow picture 20-22 if you want to do the same.

Bake the earrings in the oven at 110C/230F for 30 minutes. After the flowers baked, break the flowers from the earring post and apply super glue between them (picture 23).

Now your lilac polymer clay earrings are ready! Try to create your own version using today's tutorial. I think a pale purple version should be gorgeous too.



Product Used In This Project

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