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How to Make Polymer Slab Earrings with a Geometric Pattern

Hi guys, today I want to share with you a beautiful polymer clay slab earring project inspired by contemporary geometric patterns. In this tutorial, you'll learn many important polymer clay techniques including:
  • how to add metal frame to the polymer clay slab
  • how to emboss polymer clay slabs on the back
  • how to accurately divide polymer clay into identical pieces to form a geometric pattern

Now let's get started! By the way, if you don't like to watch the video, there is a step-by-step picture instruction at the end of this article.

Pattern Template:

Download it here.


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  1. Rolling pin -- rolling and embossing the polymer clay
  2. Long blade -- cutting the clay in a long straight line
  3. Two jump rings (4mm)
  4. Two triangle metal frames (15mm) -- giving the earring a more polished look
  5. Two square metal frames (20mm) -- giving the earring a more polished look
  6. Two earring posts (6mm)
  7. Crafting knife 
  8. Needle tool -- creating accurate shapes and assembling the pattern
  9. Polymer clay impression mat -- embossing the polymer clay back
  10. Rolling machine (not shown in the picture) -- keeping polymer clay very thin, a must for this project

Polymer Clay

Off the Shelf:
  1. Sahara: Fimo Soft Polymer Clay No. 7
  2. Tangerine: Fimo Soft Polymer Clay No.42
Color Mix
  1. Teal: 1g Fimo Soft Emerald + 2g Fimo Soft White + 0.2g Fimo Professional Purple
  2. Cranberry: 2.5g Fimo Cherry Red + 0.5g Fimo Professional Bordeaux

Step-by-step Picture Instruction

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