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How to make an elk skull with peonies pendant

Last week I shared with you guys a punk style skull and rose necklace. This week let's continue the skull obsession, but in a more mellow and romantic way. We'll make an elk skull with peonies pendant.


  • pink, white and dark green polymer clay (color recipe at the end of the article)
  • Elk skull pendant
  • super glue -- preferably E6000


Step 1. polymer clay peonies (picture 2-10)


To make peony petals------->

Cut out small circles from polymer clay using a cake decorating nozzle (read detail about this approach in my rose love letter necklace post). Then further divide those circles into 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 based on the table I provided in picture 3.

Form those small clay pieces into a teardrop shape. Using a cutter with a sharp corner, 0r a small knife, cut small indentations in the edge of the petals as shown in picture 4.

On a foam pad, or your palm, curl the petal using a ball tool. Repeat the process for all the petals.


To make peony center------>

Dip a piece of wire in liquid clay. Then attach a tiny piece of clay (1/4 circle to be exact) to the end.


To assemble the peony------->

Assemble the petals around the center as shown in picture 7-10.

Then bake the flowers in the oven at 110c (230f) for 30 minutes.


Step 2. arranging peonies (picture 11-13)

Apply super glue to the parts where you want to place peonies. Then attach flowers based on your personal taste. There are so many elk skull art on the internet and you can definitely check them out before deciding your design.


Step 3. adding leaves (picture 14-16)

This is not an essential step, but a few dark green leaves do add a pop of color in the whole design. Cut small circles from green polymer clay and form those circles into simple leaf shapes.

Bake those tiny leaves in the oven at 110c (230f) for 30 minutes. Then place them underneath the flowers using super glue.Don't overdo it! Only a few pieces will do the trick!

Once finished, let the glue dry for at least 24 hours.

Now you have a super adorable elk skull with peonies pendant. Matching it with a simple sweater, you are ready to rock this fall!

Reference 1: Polymer clay color recipe

Pink ------> Fimo Soft blossom : Fimo Effect translucent white = 7:3

White ------> Fimo Soft white: Fimo Effect translucent white = 7:3

Dark Green ------> Sculpey Souffle jade : Fimo Soft black = 20:3


Reference 2: Supplies List

The supply list contains affiliate links. These products are tested and used by myself.

  1. Fimo Soft polymer clay - blossom (No.21)
  2. Fimo Effect polymer clay - translucent white(No.014)
  3. Fimo Soft polymer clay white (No.0)
  4. Sculpey Souffle jade (No. 6323)
  5. Fimo Soft black (No. 9)
  6. Wilton No.7 cake decorating tip
  7. Wilton gumpaste flower ball tool (it comes with a set)
  8. Celcake foam pad

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