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How to Make Christmas Theme Polymer Clay Slab Bracelet (Beginner Friendly)

Happy holiday everyone! Today I am going to share with you guys how to make a festive polymer clay slab bracelet for Christmas!

Watch the video below to learn the project in detail. 


All the materials and tools needed for this project are listed below. You can buy them by clicking the product links.

Material Needed: 

1. Accessories

    2. Polymer Clay

    • Fimo Soft Polymer Clay Black
    • Fimo Soft Polymer Clay Cherry Red
    • Fimo Soft Polymer Clay Emerald
    • Fimo Soft Polymer Clay White

    Tools Needed: 

    1. Cutters:


    2. Polymer Clay Shaping Tools:

    polymer clay tools 

      Step 1: How to Make Polymer Clay Candy Canes

      how to make polymer clay candy canes

      Step 2. Make the Polymer Clay Holly Leaves 

      how to make polymer clay holly leaves

      Step 3: Make the Polymer Clay Slab

      how to make Christmas theme polymer clay slab

      Step 4: Create the Bracelet

      how to make a Christmas theme polymer clay slab bracelet

      If you have any suggestions for my next project, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you! Thank you and have a wonderful holiday!

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