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Polymer Clay Tutorial

  • How to Make Polymer Clay Halloween Bracelet

    Although Halloween is still a month away, there has been a lot of cute and funny Halloween jewelries posted online. I am amazed by the creativities of my fellow crafters and decided to join the party. This bracelet is inspired by Halloween doodle drawings. Although […]


  • How to Make Autumn Theme Polymer Clay Succulent Earrings

    As the weather turns cold, it’s time to add autumn color pallet into your jewelry collection. Therefore I created a pair of polymer clay succulent earrings using orange yellow, olive green and dark red. In this tutorial, you will learn three different shapes of polymer […]

  • How to Make Polymer Clay Slab Earrings

    Today I want to share with you a very popular topic in jewelry DIY world recently — polymer clay slab. If you haven’t heard about it, this is a technique that resembles drawing. Using a slab of clay as canvas, artists attach small pieces of […]

  • How to make a polymer clay Mickey Mouse

    Recently my family visited the Tokyo Disneyland. Ever since that trip, my daughter has become obsessed with Mickey Mouse. She got a magic ability to spot Mickey everywhere! Any pattern with three circles on it will be considered a Mickey Mouse in her eyes. After […]


  • The Easiest Way to Knead Polymer Clay

    Recently I was shopping polymer clay online and noticed a strange phenomenon — a lot of good quality polymer clay only gets 3 or even 2 stars on customer satisfaction. When I read the reviews, I noticed many people complain the polymer clay is way […]


  • How to make polymer clay Easter bunny pendant

    With Easter coming up, today I want to share with you guys how to make adorable Easter bunny pendants using polymer clay. Before diving into the tutorial, I want point out a common mistake polymer clay newbies tend to make — they shape polymer clay […]

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  • Learn to make 8 different types of polymer clay flowers and plants

    So far I’ve written 19 different jewelry projects. As my 20th tutorial, I thought it would be a good idea to summarize for you many of the polymer clay flowers and plants I introduced before. Consider this as a polymer clay flower crush course! The […]


  • How to make polymer clay tropical flower earrings

    After a whole year of busy working, last week we finally got the chance to take our long-planed family beach vacation! This post was inspired by the beautiful exotic plants I saw during my trip. I hope this pair of polymer clay tropical flower earrings […]

  • How to make Christmas bouquet polymer clay earrings

    Another polymer clay earrings project for Christmas! Today we are going to make a beautiful and festive Christmas bouquet including pinecones, berries and roses. It touches upon many different topics and you will learn a lot here. If you feel overwhelmed, just try one item […]

  • How to make polymer clay teddy bears earring studs…with a Christmas twist

    Holiday is finally here! Today I want to share with you how to make polymer clay teddy bears that are only the size of your finger nail. And dressed them up with adorable Christmas knitwear. You can use it to make earrings or a collar […]


  • How to make a polymer clay dog pendant (video included)

    Today we are going to cover a very fun and different topic — sculpting a polymer clay dog! This is my very first polymer clay animal tutorial. Although sculpting is quite different comparing to flower making, I promise it’s not as intimidating as it looks. […]


  • SImple and sweet – how to make white lilac polymer clay earrings

    If you love polymer clay earrings but was intimated by the complicated flowers you need to make, today I have just the right project for you! Lilac is a simple small flower with only four petals. We are going to create it in polymer clay […]