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How to make a beaded spiral bracelet

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Recently I am obsessed with spiral bracelet. After studying multiple beading techniques to make the spiral pattern, I want to introduce you the one I like the most - Russia spiral. It's quick, simple, and effective; and I can't wait to share it with you guys!

A traditional spiral bracelet has the spiral pattern from start to finish. However, in today's tutorial I want to mix things up a little bit. I created a very long beaded tube and covered it with spiral pattern beaded beads.

If you don't know how to create the beaded tube, read my post here: Learn Even Count, Odd Count and Tube in One Earring Design.

 Material Needed:

Step 1. Make Russia Spiral Beaded Bead

To create the dramatic visual contrast, I used Terahertz 3mm beads and 11/0 gold seed beads for the Russia spiral. 

I won't go into the details about the beading process. The video above and pictures below are self-explanatory. I just want to remind you to pay special attention to the "step up" process as shown in picture 9. After 4 rounds of adding beads, you will finish a full circle and need to step up to the next layer.

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Step 2. complete the bracelet

Once the spiral pattern beaded beads are completed, we are going to slide them through a beaded tube (read how to create the beaded tube here).

 In order to prevent the spiral beads from running loose, you should weave the thread back and forth through the tube to secure the spiral bead. In addition, I also framed the edge of spiral bead with gold seed beads (picture 16 below). 

Add a few more spiral beaded beads using the same approach. You can decide the length and the number of the beads by yourself.

Finally, add another piece of tube to connect the both ends and complete the bracelet. Remember this is a bangle bracelet, so you need to measure around the widest part of your hand instead of your wrist for the proper length.


If you like today’s tutorial, please share it with your friends by pining the complete picture guide below. Thank you.

spiral pattern beaded bracelet tutorial 

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