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How to make Anthropologie style beaded earrings

If you are an Anthropologie fan like me, you've probably seen this pair of earrings. I was in love with the design long time ago but intimidated by its complicated look.

Recently I finally decided to "crack the code". To my surprise, all the different flowers and circles in this earring design are actually being made using the same beading technique! I am sure it has an official name somewhere but for now I am going to call it my special looping method.

The idea of this beading technique is very simple:

  1. string a few beads to start
  2. slide the thread back through the first bead to form a loop
  3. add more beads and form another loop
  4. repeat the process until it reaches the size you want.

I know the process can be hard to understand in words. Therefore, I am going to show you three designs using the looping method. Each design will include a video and step-by-step pictures to help you understand.

Material needed

  • Design No. 1 - Beaded snowflake
    • Beadsmith Fireline Bead Thread
    • Miyuki Beading Needle
    • Miyuki Seed Beads – Purple Iris Metallic Matte (2mm)
    • Round White Pearl Shell Beads (4mm)
  • Design No. 2 - Seed Bead Circle
    • Beadsmith Fireline Bead Thread
    • Miyuki Beading Needle
    • Miyuki Seed Beads - Picasso Chartreuse Matte (4mm)
  • Design No. 3 - Seed Bead Square
    • Miyuki Seed Beads- Galvanized Silver (1.5*2mm)
    • Miyuki Seed Beads - Light Rose Matte (2mm)
    • Miyuki Seed Beads - Picasso Chartreuse Matte (4mm)
    • Beadsmith Fireline Bead Thread
    • Miyuki Beading Needle

    Design No.1 -- Beaded Snowflake



    In the snowflake design, each petal consists of 4 beads -- 3 large white beads and 1 purple seed bead. Therefore, to start, we should create a loop using these four beads (picture 1 and 2).

    However, when creating the second loop, we only need to pick up 3 beads. This is because the 1st and 2nd petal share the same white bead in the middle (picture 3 to 5).

    The process is the same for the 3rd, 4th and 5th petal. However, remember to alternate the order of the beads each time. For example, if the second petal is white+white+purple (picture 3), the third petal will be purple+white+white (picture 6).

    For the last petal, we only need to add one white bead and one purple bead as the it shares beads with both first and fifth petal (picture 10 and 11).

    Design No.2 -- Seed Bead Circle


    Although the end results are vastly different, this seed bead circle are using the same technique as in the first snowflake design, only with less beads.

    This design starts with 3 beads and each addition is 2 more. Remember to alternate the order of beads each time (Read the first project above if you don't understand the technique).

    Design No.3 -- Seed Bead Square

    Unlike the traditional round shape in the last two designs, using four similar size beads, we can create a square using the same technique. The key points are the same as the previous two projects. 

    Assemble the earrings

    If you still remember the beautiful Anthropologie earrings I showed you in the beginning, now it's time to create a similar version using the three designs we just made...

    Before assembling, secure the thread by making knots and cut the extra for each component. Then position the components to the right place and take a picture. The picture will serve as an important reference in your assembling process.

    Starting from the snowflake, connect the seed bead circle and square using thread based on your design. If you have some empty spot you want to hide, add a few beads in the same color scheme (you can see I added a few Amethyst beads in picture 6).

    After all the beaded components are connected, add an earring hook and an Amethyst stone to finish up the design (read how to create five different types of earring hooks here).


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