Recently I was shopping polymer clay online and noticed a strange phenomenon — a lot of good quality polymer clay only gets 3 or even 2 stars on customer satisfaction. When I read the reviews, I
I’ve written a lot of tutorials on how to make flowers using polymer clay. But do you know you can make flowers using only wire and beads? Those techniques have long been used for bride jewelries
With Easter coming up, today I want to share with you guys how to make adorable Easter bunny pendants using polymer clay. Before diving into the tutorial, I want point out a common mistake polymer clay
herringbone weave wire wrap
Today I want to share with you guys a simple and classic wire wrapping technique — herringbone weave. To make it more fun, I also tweaked the design and created two variations. Let’s get started! This
how to make spring flowe bracelet
Finally, the spring is here! Everywhere i go, I am surrounded by so many beautiful blooms, from elegant magnolia, to delicate peach blossom, from dainty lilac, to cheerful daffodils……. I wish I have the chance to
Today’s lesson is all about hand-made wire clasps! Although there are many types of pre-made clasps in the market, I usually don’t like their industrial feel and still prefer to make them by myself. In this
After many polymer clay tutorials, today I want to shift gears and discuss a basic wire wrapping topic — making ear wires. In this article, I am going to show you five simple and elegant ear
learn to make 8 different type of polymer clay flowers
So far I’ve written 19 different jewelry projects. As my 20th tutorial, I thought it would be a good idea to summarize for you many of the polymer clay flowers and plants I introduced before. Consider
polymer clay tropical flower earrings
After a whole year of busy working, last week we finally got the chance to take our long-planed family beach vacation! This post was inspired by the beautiful exotic plants I saw during my trip. I
how to make polymer clay earrings
Another polymer clay earrings project for Christmas! Today we are going to make a beautiful and festive Christmas bouquet including pinecones, berries and roses. It touches upon many different topics and you will learn a lot
Holiday is finally here! Today I want to share with you how to make polymer clay teddy bears that are only the size of your finger nail. And dressed them up with adorable Christmas knitwear. You
Today we are going to cover a very fun and different topic — sculpting a polymer clay dog! This is my very first polymer clay animal tutorial. Although sculpting is quite different comparing to flower making,
If you love polymer clay earrings but was intimated by the complicated flowers you need to make, today I have just the right project for you! Lilac is a simple small flower with only four petals.
Today I have a pair of  “girly” earrings for you! They are pink, shiny, and full of pearls! In this tutorial, I will focus on polymer clay succulent part. If you want to learn how to
Today we are going to explore how to make a simple yet classic pearl cluster earrings. Bead cluster is widely used in handmade earring designs. If you are a jewelry making beginner, this is a great
how to make a wire wrapped ring
Today I am going to show you guys how to make a simple wire wrapped ring. You can create so many different jewelry projects with this technique. Using longer wires, you can get a bangle. Adding
how to make a realistic polymer clay rose
I know, I know , you already know how to make a polymer clay rose. There are hundreds of tutorials over the internet related to rose making. However, do you know how to make a polymer
polymer clay succulent and pearl earrings
I love succulents, especially small colorful ones with chubby leaves! Today, I am trying to use polymer clay to create one of those varieties (botanical name Sedum Clavatum). And match them with large pink pearls for
dream catcher necklace
Today I am going to share with you guys one of my favorite necklace designs — a dream catcher! It is a relatively difficult project but the end result is absolutely amazing! I strongly recommend you
how to make a circle using jewelry wire
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If you want to learn wire wrapping, making a loop is probably the first thing you should try. The loop serves as a connection in your jewelry. You can add a bead, a chain, or even
elk skull with peonies
Last week I shared with you guys a punk style skull and rose necklace. This week let’s continue the skull obssession, but in a more mellow and romantic way. We’ll make an elk skull with peonies
You might think mixing color for polymer clay is a no brainer that everyone knows how to do. But the truth is, when you are hand mixing pieces of rock hard clay for hours; and end
Skull and roses necklace
I have long been intrigued by the mysterious feeling of skull and roses, but never had a chance to incorporate it into my jewelry design. Luckily, Solid Oak Inc — a US based jewelry supply company
how to make magenta beaded earrings
Magenta is one of my favorite colors! I love it so much that I always buy magenta beads without thinking through how to use them. Today I finally come up with a beaded earrings design to
polymer clay rananculus neckalce
Today I am going to show you how to make a colorful polymer clay ranunculus necklace that is simple, colorful and delicate. Unlike prior tutorials, I actually prepared a video this time! You can watch the
featured image for beaded necklace
Recently I was deeply intrigued by all the beautiful beading work posted on Pinterest and Instagram. Last week, I finally decided to learn how to bead and created my very first rainbow color beaded necklace. It
how to make a succulent fringe necklace
I love bohemian style at the bottom of my heart. Although too much of it can be too dramatic for an everyday look; I always try to bring a little ‘bohemian’ flair to my jewelry design,
how to make a rose loveletter necklace
Polymer clay rose is the most often taught flower on the internet. You can find countless videos, pictures, and articles about them. However, what seems missing to me is a good design. Today, I want to
Succulents are one of my favorite plants. They hold the magical power that brings contemporary feeling to any flower arrangement instantly. In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to make polymer clay succulent and match it with