How to make a beaded ring with even count peyote

Lately I’ve been playing around with the idea of a beaded bezel. But most of them turn out to be either old-fashioned or too complicated for a tutorial. After several attempts, today you are going to learn the winner of my own beaded bezel contests – a gorgeous pearl ring using only even count peyote stitch. I hope you love the design as I do!

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Step 1. Make the Beaded Bezel

a picture instruction of how to make a beaded bezel

There are many ways to make the beaded bezel. In this tutorial I want to show you the easiest way. Starting with even number of seed beads (the number will depend on the size of your focal bead), make a four row rectangle using even count peyote stitch. If you are unfamiliar with peyote stitch, read my tutorial here.

Then bend the rectangle into a circle and connect the two sides as shown in picture 9 and 10. Make sure to pull the thread tight so it fits the pearl nicely.

The seed beads I am using here for the beaded bezel is:

  • Two rows in the middle: Miyuki 11/0 silver glass bead
  • The first and last row: Miyuki 11/0 copper lined crystal bead

Step 2. Embellish the bezeled bead

The beaded bezel alone is a little bland; now we can add some more details. On top of the bezel, I added taupe lined crystal seed beads along the center line. Then to make the design even more eye-catching, I added the 4mm Labradorite stone in between.

Products used in this project

(The focal bead used in the ring is a cotton pearl, which can be difficult to find online. Therefore I listed a glass pearl as a substitute. It will serve the purpose with a slight different effect.)

Step 3. Make the Ring

Now we can move on to make the ring – a beaded rectangle with 4 beads in each row using even count peyote stitch. Once the belt is completed, connect the zigzag pattern between the ring and the bezeled pearl as shown in picture 20. Do the same thing for both sides.

Now you’ve made a stunning new ring! This is why I love beading, it can turn affordable plain looking beads into something absolutely beautiful. I got a lot of complimentary wearing this ring, hope it brings you joy as well!

As always, here is the step-by-step instruction summarized in one image.

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